Acetonitrile for oligo synthesis (Water < 10 ppm) NC-0609 2.5L 4 GL45 thread 4 L US38 thread, emp Biotech GmbH

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Oligonucleotide synthesis requires high quality solvents with ultra-low water content for excellent coupling yields. emp Biotech offers two different grades of high purity acetonitrile with moisture content < 10 ppm and < 20 ppm for your needs, in a number of different bottle sizes and thread openings for your machines.

Product of emp Biotech GmbH
Size bottle:
2.5 L with GL45 thread, emp Biotech part no. NC-0609-N002.5-001
4 L with US38 thread, emp Biotech part no. NC-0609-N004.0-U38
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